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Mentoring Programs

We have been mentoring entrepreneurs & students over years. We have mentored entrepreneurs while they were incubating their businesses, students while they were preparing to apply to top business schools and professionals trying navigate the career web. Over time we have evolved a professional system that has helped our students & entrepreneurs.

We mentor very limited candidates as mentoring is time consuming & involving process. Once you are in the program, we are responsible for you and you have access to world of resources & networks. We admit limited and deserving candidates only through strict admissions process.

Entrepreneur Mentoring Program

We admit very limited budding entrepreneurs into the program. We look for the following:

  • Personal commitment towards a start up
  • Professional skills
  • Financial capability to incubate the project
  • As entrepreneur you need to bring in risk capital to prove the business model

What we offer:

  • Management start-ups mentoring
  • Regular weekly review / guidance meeting by chief mentor
  • Access to host resources:
    1. Our Entrepreneur groups
    2. Management insights through case studies
    3. Reasonable & efficient Allied services through our partners ecosystem
    4. Access and introductions to subject experts all over the world
  • Three specialized training on subjects like investment deck , business plan
  • Introductions to industry members & relevant VC / private investors

Entrepreneur mentoring programs are typically in three modules:

  • Incubation & pre start up mentoring
  • Recently launched start up
  • Steady state mentoring – Funding ready companies
  • Typical length of each module is 3 to 6 months
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Business Students Mentoring Program

We admit very limited number of undergraduate and graduate business school aspirants who are looking to apply to worlds top business schools.
We only work with top school applicants.
We target top schools like Harvard, Wharton, Stanford and other top school of the world.

We are looking for:

  • Committed students with proven academic and other credentials
  • Students having drive and fire to aspire for the best schools

What we do:

  • We understand top schools admissions process
  • We help you understand your strengths & weakness
  • We help you build an application package to improve your chances
  • We help you short list schools
  • No we do not fill your applications or write your essays
  • Our mentoring program helps put your package including essays, recommendations and other supporting credentials together to build a compelling admissions package that portrays your best
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the need of a good mentor

Why Is Mentoring Important?

Mentoring is in many ways a science and an art. Good mentor is your teacher, friend, philosopher and guide. He helps you get perspective of your goals, direction and challenges. During the process mentor helps you get required skills, get management and adaptation skills as well put you in touch with right people. In many ways good mentor is like a insurance policy with a upside. He ensures you do not go wrong in direction, perspective or goals and points you skills, people and direction to achieve your goals.

business strategy

The Jigsaw Puzzle

A good company performs like a well trained orchestra. Different musician and instruments playing their their parts to build a larger performance. They all play in sync with each other and towards a common goal. The goals keep changing from performance to performance. But if even one strum of one guitar at one time goes off the whole experience changes. The accounts executive sitting at the offices of a online retailer delays the refund payment of one customers product return the image of the entire well grown company suffers. Some times very small mistakes have domino effects. The unsatisfied customers decides not to shop again, Unsatisfied customer tells on an average 9 to 15 other potential customers about their experience. In a highly connected world, where referral drives new customers. 15 customers share with 15 more and thus starts domino. End of quarter sales misses targets. Though the everything is moving well but a small tiny over sight can change performance in today's complex world. This is why systems are back bone of operations. Strategy works on syncing different functions like marketing, finance, operations to bring a consistent unified customer experience. Strategy builds systems and processes to deliver the desired experience. Strategy develops beliefs and core competencies of organisations. We understand strategy, we simplify strategy. Strategy simplified helps.

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