The Story

in words of the founder himself

As far back as I can remember I was always excited about new businesses. I have seen the world transition from rotary phones to mobile apps, have seen the financing move from bank driven loans to crowd funding. But there were opportunities then and there are opportunities now. New ventures were just as exciting then as now. USSR had just collapsed and I happened to be in Russia on personal visit. As a young lad I saw an opportunity in a crashing economy. With $3000 in my pocket, I set up a trading business to import consumer goods from India into Russia. In a market which was credit based I found innovative financing mechanism to get advance payments into my Indian company. And my first year revenues crossed $ 300,000 way back in 1992. Thus started my story.

Pre Wharton Days

I eventually sold the trading business for fat profit and moved back to India. I reinvested profits into acquiring a bankrupt paper manufacturing business from a bank. After turning around the business I sold that also. I could get an answer to what next, what was my next goal. So I decided to took a break and took up a corporate job. After few assignments in sales and supply chain I realized the need to study business before taking on my next venture.

Wharton School

MBA at Wharton was life changing experience. Working with brightest minds in world, learning from best in class academicians and leaders. It changed me in many ways. One I learnt how to evaluate businesses better, second learnt the value of working with people. But the most important lesson was realizing who am I and where I want go. Its this self-realization that there are always opportunities but we need to tread on our own path to achieve our goals was by far the biggest lesson at Wharton. Though most students wanted to work in USA, I decided to go back to India as that’s where most new business were being incubated.

Corporate World

Evaluating and incubating new opportunities for multi-billion dollar companies made me learn few most important lessons of life. There is not much difference between a boot strapped start up and well-funded corporate backed business. Other than the funding comfort and plush office the challenges are all the same. Treading into uncharted territory is as challenging whether its large corporate or first generation entrepreneur. My corporate journey included assignments with Reliance Industries, Avantha group and JK group. These were great experiences but somewhere in my heart I wanted more. The entrepreneurial bug was in me.

Consultant & Entrepreneur

In 2010 I started my start up focused consulting practice. It has been an enriching journey working with large corporate like national geographic retail, IL&FS to first generation entrepreneurs. It was a pleasure to work on new venture almost each year. Each assignment I learnt and sharpened my skills. Over time I started seeing similarities in incubation process irrespective of the industry or business. I started building a method to madness. I did assignments in India, Dubai, USA, Europe, Brazil and realized startup is a startup, it’s always challenging where ever it is. In terms of industries I got opportunity to work on fast food, petrochemicals, paper, retail, security, amusement park, mobile apps to fashion. These experiences tested my skills, my methods and tested my methodology. I realized there is a method to madness.


I always enjoyed teaching my team mates, colleagues and friends. I endeavored to help people working with me to realize their goals, dreams and get requisite skills to achieve them. As alumni interviewer for Wharton school admissions committee I interacted with many business school aspirants. I learnt where and how applicants went wrong with their applications. One such applicant, a brilliant CA from Mumbai got rejected from most top schools. Everything was right about her education, credentials, experience and aspiration but she was unable to reflect it on her application. After few iterations on her essays she got her opportunity at Stern school, New York. Today she works as senior finance executive at a fortune 100 company. I am proud to share that most of my colleagues and team mates have gone on to pursue their dreams. Few became entrepreneurs few took to education and headed into corporate world. Mentoring for me is the most satisfying investment of time.

Strategy Simplified & Other Plans

Beyond strategy simplified I am setting up gourmet fast food business and a not for profit organization to help people struggling with mental health challenges Strategy simplified is end result of my life long work in strategy, new ventures and mentoring. I aspire to help entrepreneurs by consulting, teach them business skills via master classes and hand hold students / entrepreneurs via mentoring programs. If I am born again I would probably be doing the same work that’s my testimony on achieving happiness and professional satisfaction.

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Building Business Concepts

91SpringBoard, Nehru Place

Building Business Concepts

91SpringBoard, Gurgaon

Market Research

91SpringBoard, Nehru Place

Market Research

91SpringBoard, Gurgaon

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